Power Metal

Collection of power metal genre music albums free to download from different country in mp3 format

Avalanch – El Ladron de Sueños (2010)

Style: Power/Progressive MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR192kbps Country: Spain Size: 83MB Tracklist:1. Dónde Estoy 06:012. El Ladrón de Sueños 06:403. Mil Motivos 03:494. El Hombre Solo 06:525. Aléjate de Mí 05:356. Nunca es Tarde 04:157. Cuatro Canciones 04:498. Sin Rumbo 06:179. Torres en el Cielo 06:4310. Where The River Flows 04:4711. Melodía Incompleta 05:01 Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net

Silent Fall – Otherwise (2010)

Style: Symphonic Power MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: France Size: 139MB Tracklist:01. Who is the Fool02. Kill for life03. Haunted Sights04. Forever and Ever05. One cold winter night06. I Wish07. Play with Fire08. World of Secrets09. This could have been10. Tears of Fate11. On the top of the world12. Heroes (Bonus) Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net

Soulitude – Wonderfool world (2010)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Spain Size: 125MB Tracklist:01. Intro the Void 01:1902. Price Of War 04:2703. The Man Behind The Wall 03:5804. Back To Life 03:2905. In Solitude 5:2806. Lost In The Ice 07:2107. The Savior 04:0308. Coming Home 04:2709. Retarded Nation 04:1410. Gernika 1937 09:5811. Ashes To Ashes (D. Bowie) 04:30 …

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Angelida – La Ciudad De Los Pajaros (2010)

Style: Melodic/Symphonic Power/Gothic MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR260kbps Country: Spain Size: 82MB Tracklist:1. Elegía a la Ciudad de los Pájaros 01:512. Sangre de mi Sangre 06:103. Las Puertas Entreabiertas 04:244. Dos Rosas 05:345. La Ciudad de los Pájaros 04:206. Interludio 00:337. Hasta el Fin del Mundo 05:188. Soul Mates 02:589. La Conjura de los Necios 03:2010. …

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Darksun – Tocar El Sol (2010)

Style: Power Metal Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: SpainSize: 106MB Tracklist:1. El Sueсo de Shiva 00:332. La Luz Interior 05:583. Camino a las Estrellas 04:314. Tocar el Sol 03:365. Бnima 04:006. Al Morir los Sueсos 04:077. Resurrecciуn 01:098. Frбgil 04:089. Despertar 04:2410. Estatuas de Sal 04:0611. El Fin de la Eternidad 05:3112. Бnima (con Victor …

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As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise (2010)

Style: MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbpsCountry: USA Size: 106MB Tracklist:1. Beyond Our Suffering 01:592. Anodyne Sea 04:343. Without Conclusion 03:154. Parallels 04:575. The Plague 03:426. Anger and Apathy 04:257. Condemned 02:498. Upside Down Kingdom 04:009. Vacancy 04:2610. The Only Constant Is Change 04:0711. The Blinding of False Light 05:10 Download:hotfile.comturbobit.netdepositfiles.com

SpellBlast – Battlecry (2010)

Style: Folk / Power Metal Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Italy Size: 104MB Tracklist:01.Cold Wind Of Death02.Drinkin’ With The Gods03.History Of A Siege:Heroes (feat. Fabio Lione)04.Path On The Sea05.Ragnarok (Dream Of The End)06.Soldiers’ Angels07.Raid Day08.History Of A Siege:Slaughter (feat. Fabio Lione)09.Northern Stars10.Brave And Fierce11.Command Charge12.Battlecry Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net

Gronholm – Eyewitness Of Life (2010)

Style: Progressive/Power MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR300kbps Country: Finland Size: 90MB Tracklist:01. One Minute Of Reality.02. Awaited.03. Fate & Belief.04. Life Is.05. Meet The Maker.06. You And Me.07. Misfortune-teller.08. Learn To Crawl.09. Eyewitness Of Life.10. Place For Freedom. Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net

Rhapsody of Fire – The Frozen Tears of Angels (2010)

Style: Symphonic / Orchestral Power MetalFormat: mp3 |CBR320kbps Country: Italy Size: 141MB Tracklist:1. Dark Frozen World 02:132. Sea of Fate 04:473. Crystal Moonlight 04:254. Reign of Terror 06:525. Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio 06:256. Raging Starfire 04:567. Lost in Cold Dreams 05:128. On the Way to Ainor 06:589. The Frozen Tears of Angels 11:15The special …

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Camlann – The Oaken Hall (2010))

Style: Black/Folk/Power MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: USA Size: 60MB Tracklist:1. Bloodstained Scorched Earth2. The Glorious Failure3. Heathen Woods4. Death and Glory5. Forever6. To the End of Time Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net