Power Metal

Collection of power metal genre music albums free to download from different country in mp3 format

Valgard – Elements (2010)

Style: Folk, Death metalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: BelgiumTotal time: 27:32Size: 66MB Tracklist:01. The Quest02. Beowulf03. Blinded By The Sun04. Power Of The Warlock05. Elements06. Before The Battle07. Warrior Queen08. Back Home Download:ifolder.ruhotfile.com taken from http://darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20100104644/valgard-elements-2010.html

Dragon Lord – Dive (2002)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3@VBR264kbpsCountry: SpainTotal time: 52:25Size: 103MB Tracklist:1. Overture2. Kamikaze (I’ll Go to Die)3. Dive4. Power of the Chain5. No Time to Cry6. Requiem7. Home of Fight8. Excalibur9. I Will Fight10. Battle of Drums11. So Deep12. Finale13. So Far Away (demo version)14. Victims of War (demo version) Download:hotfile.com taken from http://www.darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20100101629/dragon-lord-dive-2002.html

Abyss – Redención (2002)

Style: Progressive/Power MetalFormat: mp3@VBR272kbpsCountry: SpainTotal time: 54:59Size: 109MB Tracklist:1. Armagedón 05:54 2. El pais de la Guerra 06:17 3. Lejos de Aquí 06:16 4. Libertad 07:34 5. Insomnio 07:13 6. Casino 05:11 7. Al Otro Lado del Vortice 00:54 8. Otra Dimensión 07:07 9. La Voz de Nostradamus 08:33 Download:hotfile.com taken from http://darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20100101625/abyss-redencion-2002.html

Perpetual Fire – Invisible (2009)

Style: Melodic Power MetalFormat: mp3@CBR160kbpsCountry: ItalyTotal time: 1:05:58Размер: 78MB Tracklist:1. Invisible 4:142. Kissing shadow 3:543. April’s blood 3:594. Walking on your fire 4:255. In the cage 3:596. Lost forever 4:447. Winter’s night 4:448. Velvet rope 3:479. Eternity 3:5610. My ship is burning 4:1511. Secrets 3:3612. Time machine 4:3013. Who we are 2:22+bonus tracks14. Say goodbye …

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Helloween – Unarmed – Best Of 25th Anniversary (2010)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsCountry: GermanyРазмер: 87MB Tracklist:01 – Dr. Stein02 – Future World03 – If I Could Fly04 – Where The Rain Grows05 – Keepers’s Trilogy06 – Eagle Fly Free07 – Perfect Gentleman08 – Forever & One09 – I Want Out10 – Fallen To Pieces11 – A Tale That Wasn’t Right Download:ifolder.ruhotfile.comturbobit.net

Guerrero Inmortal – Insomnio (2009)

Style: Heavy/Power MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: ArgentinaTotal time: 1:04:00Size: 150MB Tracklist:1. El vacio de la nada 7:022. Ansiedad 8:003. Sombras de ayer 4:344. Lago de lagrimas 6:465. Instrumetal 6:366. Sueños oscuros 6:057. Tierras y esclavos 4:158. ¡Sed de poder! 5:499. La batalla 2:0710. Siglos de fuego 6:2211. ¡Libertad! 6:24 Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net

Highlord – The Death Of The Artists (2009)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: ItalyTotal time: 39:24Size: 90MB Tracklist:1. Simple Man2. Every Thrash Of Me3. Canticle Of The Flesh4. It Takes Some Passion5. The Death Of The Artists6. Dance In A Flame7. The Scream8. Slave To Darkness9. A Queen In My Pocket (Feat. The Famous-X) Download:ifolder.ruhotfile.com

Cardiant – Tomorrow’s Daylight (2009)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: FinlandTotal time: 48:32Size: 115MB Tracklist:1. Tomorrow’s Daylight2. Stars Upon Your Life3. Illusion Game4. Diamondstar5. Yesterday To Come6. Shine7. Fire On Ice8. Somehow9. Morning Here No More10. Broken Lifeline11. Pledge12. Gone Tomorrow Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net