Power Metal

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Evernight – Desafio A La Eternidad (2010)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Spain Size: 146MB Tracklist:1. Abismo de los gritos 01:302. Tributo a tus ideas 04:293. Dulce traición 05:084. Seguir en pie 05:035. Tu guía 05:196. Senderos de libertad 05:297. Siniestra dama 06:548. Tan solo un recuerdo 01:069. El mar de la esperanza 04:4710. Entre tu y yo 04:0411. Último …

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Sinith Hall – Synesthetic Perceptions [ep] (2010)

Style: Melodic Power/Speed MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR192kbps Country: USASize: 50MB Tracklist:1. Synesthetic Perceptions 1:392. The Writer 3:543. Desert Sands 5:394. Dream Sequence :575. New World 4:576. The Season 4:227. Austere 6:448. Ab Aeterno :279. Santosha 7:02 Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.comturbobit.net

Imagika – Portrait Of A Hanged Man (2010)

Style: Progressive Extreme Power/Thrash MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: USA Size: 124MB Tracklist:1. Scared to Death2. The Hit3. Keep the Wolves at Bay4. G.H.B.5. Portrait of a Hanged Man6. Simple Servant7. One Word8. My Final Hour9. A God No More10. Halo of Flies11. Shadow of The Cross (digipack bonus track) Download:hotfile.comturbobit.netdepositfiles.com

Azrael – Dream On (2010)

Style: Neoclassical Power MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR226kbps Country: Japan Size: 76MB Tracklist:01.(We Can)Dream On02.Try Again03.Journey Of No Return04.Unchained Melodies05.Dressed In White06.Endless Slaughter07.Forever You And I08.Vanishing Memories09.Don’t Let It Fade Away10.My Blackest Heart Download:hotfile.comturbobit.netdepositfiles.com

Bejelit – You Die And I (2010)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR202kbps Country: Italy Size: 75MB Tracklist:1. Rostov 3:442. She’s Lying 6ft Under 4:043. Saint from Beyond 5:474. Your Personal Hell 3:455. Astaroth 4:066. 2K12 Nails 4:197. Death Row 4:218. Goodnight My Shade 6:329. Shinigami 6:0210. Orfeo 10 6:28 Download:hotfile.comturbobit.netdepositfiles.com

Tarot – Gravity of Light (2010)

Style: Power Metal Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Finland Size: 117MB Tracklist:1. Satan Is Dead (4:12)2. Hell Knows (6:05)3. Rise! (4:30)4. Pilot of All Dreams (3:42)5. Magic and Technology (5:48)6. Calling Down the Rain (4:11)7. Caught In the Deadlights (4:41)8. I Walk Forever (4:49)9. Sleep In the Dark (4:41)10. Gone (7:03) Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net

Arryan Path – Terra Incognita (2010)

Style: Epic Power Metal Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Cyprus Size: 113MB Tracklist:1. Cassiopeia2. Molon Lave3. Terra Incognita4. Open Season5. Ishtar6. The Blood Remains on the Believer7. Elegy8. Angel With no Destination9. Minas Tirith10. The Mind (Bonus Track) Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net

Fading Circles – Soulburn (2009)

Style: Power/Progressive Metal Format: mp3 | СBR320kbps Country: Romania Size: 137MB Tracklist:1. The Holy Trinity2. Kill the Screen3. My Real Face4. Fading Parallels5. Attitude6. My Restless Soul7. Sad Days Are Over8. Sad Day Are Over9. I Know that Time’ll Come Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net

Derdian – New Era Pt. 3 – The Apocalypse (2010)

Style: Power MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR192kbps Country: Italy Size: 91MB Tracklist:1. Preludio 1:432. The Spell 5:573. Battleplan 5:024. Black Rose 4:225. Her Spirit Will Fly Again 5:366. Dreams 5:107. Divine Embrace 5:198. The Prophecy 4:519. Burn 4:5110. Forevermore 6:1411. Revolt 6:1812. Presagio 2:3013. The Apocalypse 6:25 Download:ifolder.ruhotfile.comturbobit.net