Thrash Metal

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Aserrador – El Alto Costo De La Vida (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Mexico Size: 94MB Tracklist:01. Aserrador02. Senor Fuego03. Bolsas negras04. Sobre De Ti05. Puno Con Puno06. Hermanos Metal07. El Fin Del Camino08. Entrega Especial09. Devorador De pecados10. Anoche Sone Con Mis Huesos11. Bendiceme Muerte12. El Alto Costo De La Vida13. Yo Ni Gueria Tener Novia

Imbalance – Period Three Implies Chaos (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3| VBR232kbps Country: Norway Size: 80MB Tracklist:1. Dies Irae 05:032. Period Three Implies Chaos 03:073. Hemisphere of Blood 04:044. Hellfire 04:035. On Your Kness 02:436. Like from an Open Wound 04:577. A Furore Normannorum Libera Nos Domine(Part 1) 05:108. Deprivation 06:049. Burial of Consciousness 03:5210. Bestial by Nature 02:1311. Ease Your Pain …

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Exodus – Exhibit B: The Human Condition (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3| CBR192kbps Country: USA Size: 92MB Tracklist:1. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles2. Beyond The Pale3. Hammer And Life4. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)5. Downfall6. March Of The Sycophants7. Nanking8. Burn, Hollywood, Burn9. Democide10. The Sun Is My Destroyer11. A Perpetual State Of Indifference12. Good Riddance

Elimination – Destroyed By Creation (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3| CBR192kbps Country: United Kingdom Size: 86MB Tracklist:1. Straight To Hell 5:182. The Rage Within 3:543. Slaves To A Tyrant’s Reign 4:574. Wargames 3:595. Nightmare Asylum 5:356. Nostromo 4:317. The End Of Days 4:088. The Eliminator 4:539. Rising From The Grave 4:5010. Release The Anger 5:2811. Hell’s Battlefield 6:2312. Destroyed By Creation …

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Arisen From Nothing – Prototype (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3 | CBR192kbps Country: USA Size: 156MB Tracklist:1. I Am Darkness 5:032. All That Fall 3:553. Road To Ruin 4:154. At The Gates 4:345. Eyes Wide Open 4:216. Speed Of Life 4:237. Stalin’s Well 4:518. Prototype 4:419. Bulletproof 4:06

Wicca – Bloodrush (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR274kbps Country: Germany Size: 83MB Tracklist:1. Hellcome 01:112. Sadsong 03:523. Tongue Of Confusion 04:224. Oppression 01:375. Mega City 04:316. Disneyland 05:227. Bloodrush 03:508. Generations Talk 06:289. Psychic Warfare 04:0410. Pull Down The Wall 05:00

Daysend – Within The Eye Of Chaos (2010)

Style: Melodic Thrash Metal Format: mp3 | VBR237kbps Country: Australia Size: 72MB Tracklist:01. See You In My Nightmares 04:3002. Mindless 02:5103. The Coldest Of Disasters 04:2104. Questions 03:5305. Simple Minds 04:3106. Without Tears 02:0607. In This Moment 05:0908. Acid Laced Fiasco 04:0609. Down This Hole 04:1510. Edge Of The Line 04:3011. Recoil 02:14

Раскат – Огни Другой Реальности (2010)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3 | VBR215kbps Country: Russian Federation Size: 57MB Tracklist:01. Intro02. Master Of The Dead03. Современный Инквизитор04. Path To Eternity05. Imitating Of Life06. Правды Свет07. Six Feet Under After Dawn08. Но В Душе Твоей Мрак09. Рву Вены10. Умереть Одному

Kachana – Of Gods And Men (2009)

Style: Speed/Thrash Metal Format: mp3 | VBR228kbps Country: United KingdomSize: 68MB Tracklist:1. The gatekeeper 05:102. The struggle 05:193. Belisarius 07:034. Wings of time 05:195. Sparta 05:406. Warrior 06:517. Father forgive me 05:50