Symphonic Black Metal

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Notas Fantasmas – Sacrifice To Lucifer (2009)

Style: Melodic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR192kbps  Country: Chile Total time: 36:21Size: 50MB Tracklist:1. Sacrifice to Lucifer2. Becoming the sinner3. The last judgment4. Fuck your christian blessings5. Dark awakening6. Sacrilege7. Eternal blasphemy8. Fenrir and Odin (Bonus track)9. Welcome to hell (Single Version) Download:

Soulgrim – Ancestor Worship (2010)

Style: Symphonic Black Metal Format: mp3@CBR224kbps Country: Armenia Total time: 44:25 Size: 71MB Tracklist:1.Trepidation heart of the Holy Spirit 3.Ancestor Worship 4.Forgiveness Asleep in the Tyrant Palace 5.Enthrone 6.Have You Seen The Eyes Of Ghost 7.Nyctophobia 8.Legacy in violation 9.Ye Entrancemperium (Emperor Cover) 10.Black Magic [Slayer Cover] taken from

Underverse – Enigma Of Steel (2009)

Style: Epic/Symphonic Black MetalFormat: mp3@VBR195kbpsCountry: FinlandSize: 40MB Tracklist:1. Born on the Battlefield2. Demigod3. Neural Correlation4. In the Embrace of Rusalka5. Natural Lycanthropy taken from

Black Achemoth – Revealing The Somber Powers Of Hell (2008)

Style: Symphonic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: BrazilDuration:  33:12Size: 65MB Tracklist:1. The Call Of The Infernal Flames2. Revealing The Somber Powers Of Hell3. In The Glory And Chaos4. Regina Lilith5. The Coronation Of Damnation6. The Ocult Spher7. Satan: Come Forth…Your Unholy Black Tower.I Am.8. Crower Of Destruction Download:

Misanthropenum – Nether Dimension (2008)

Style: Symphonic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: FinlandDuration:  58:25Size: 131 MB Tracklist:1. Enter the Perdition 03:572. Humanity Incinerated 05:223. Manala 04:574. Unadulterated State of Insanity 05:385. Blindfold of Detest 03:366. Loyal to the Eminent Malevolent Existence 03:537. Creations of an Evil Mind 04:488. The Sinister Pandemonium Realm 05:549. Desolations Scourge 02:4610. Beneath a Daimonic Blessing 03:4211. Hateful …

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December Wolves – ‘Til Ten Years (1996)

Style: Melodic Black MetalFormat: mp3@VBR220KbpsTotal time: 42:02Country: USASize: 65 Мб Tracklist:1. Ode to the Master Therion 08:172. The Night That I Died 08:243. Our Centuries have been Found 02:294. Lycanthropy: Yonder Through IceStorms 07:105. ‘Til Ten Years 06:586. …whence the Clouds Cry 06:577. Outro 01:47 Download:

Grievance – The Phantom Novels (1999)

Style: Melodic /Symphonic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsTotal time: 37:49Country: NorwaySize: 91MB Tracklist:1. Origin In Vain 04:592. Angels Succumb 06:063. Atrocity Upon Deceptions 06:574. The Mask Of Sin 05:375. A Devils Rhyme 05:436. Craving Path 06:217. The Phantom Novels 02:06 Download:

Ордалион – Сквозь Кому Души (2009)

Artist: ОрдалионAlbum: Сквозь Кому ДушиYear: 2009Style: Symphonic Black MetalCountry: Russian FederationFormat: mp3@VBR238kbpsTotal time: 41:45Size: 74MB Tracklist:1. Сумашествие (5:20)2. Генератор случайных чисел (5:41)3. В эпицентр огня! (5:45)4. Серые птицы (5:24)5. Живодерня (3:24)6. Я видел бога! (4:46)7. Влюбленный в Луну (5:26)8. Чума Сатанизма (5:59) Download / Скачать

Mastiphal – Damnatio Memoriae [best of/compilation] (2009)

Artist: MastiphalAlbum: Damnatio Memoriae [best of / compilation]Year: 2009Style: Symphonic Black MetalCountry: PolandFormat: mp3 @ VBR229kbpsTotal playing time: 1:42:25Size: 167MB Tracklist:CD101.Battle 1:3502.For A Glory Of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory 5:0003.Flames Of Fire Full Of Hatred 8:0804.Wind Of Stakes 4:4805.Tesknota Czasow Minionych 2:1706.Calling from The Past 6:6607.Aim (Live) 8:5008.Legion 4:2709.Nad Jeziorami Mysli Niesmierte 2:22 …

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