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Muldjord – Hate Breeds Hate [ep] (2009)

Artist: MuldjordAlbum: Hate Breeds Hate [ep]Year: 2009Genre: Old School Death MetalOrigin: DenmarkFortmat: mp3@CBR320kbpsTotal time: 19:11Size: 45MB Tracklist:01. Intro02. Turn of the Tides03. Hate Breeds Hate04. Seduced By Darkness05. Blood Red Snow06. Armageddon 2009 Download:

Deus Ex Machina – I Human (2009)

Full information you can find: here Artist: Deus Ex MachinaAlbum: I HumanYear: 2009Style: Death MetalOrigin: Singapore Tracklist:1. M(n)emo(nic)ries 1:582. The Mask 3:423. Replicant 5:474. Jigsaw 4:525. The Human Strain 2:456. I 5:197. The Omega Directive 3:538. Assent / Dissent 5:309. Bonus Track 3:08

Semen Datura – Vineta Part I (2005)

Исполнитель: Semen DaturaАльбом: Vineta Part IГод: 2005Стиль: Black MetalСтрана: GermanyФормат: mp3@CBR192kbpsПолное время альбома: 37:17Размер: 51MB Треклист:1. The Ancient Snake2. Nothing Is Elite3. Fall4. Shitloads of Anger5. In Cold Embrace6. Palace of Pain7. Deathstyle8. Ruf der Freyheit9. The Pearl of the Baltic Sea10. Error Soul Скачать

Exortum – Город В Мёртвой Маске [ep] (2009)

Исполнитель: ExortumАльбом: Город В Мёртвой Маске [ep]Год: 2009Стиль: Modern Death MetalСтрана: Russian FederationФормат: mp3@CBR320kbpsПолное время альбома: 17:02Размер: 34MB Треклист:1. Забудь прежний мир 4:532. Людям нравится наслаждаться чужой местью 4:053. Город в мёртвой маске 3:534. Обманом спалили любовь 4:11 Скачать

Necrophobic – Death To All (2009)

Artist: NecrophobicAlbum: Death To AllYear: 2009Style: Death MetalOrigin: SwedenФормат: mp3@VBR320kbpsПолное время альбома: 44:45Размер: 117MB Треклист:1. Celebration of the Goat 04:422. Revelation 666 06:543. La Satanisma Muerte 03:364. For those who stayed Satanic 04:57. Temple of Damnation 05:556. The Tower 04:45. Wings of Death 05:128. Death to All 08:44Band:Tobias Sidegеrd – Vocals (Bajen Death Cult, Trident …

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Septicem – See My Hate (2007)

Artist: SepticemAlbum: See My HateYear: 2007Style: Death MetalOrigin: MexicoFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsTotal time: 35:48Size: 82MB Tracklist:1. After of Sin 05:052. Seed of… 03:283. … Violence 03:014. Waiting my Soul 04:525. My Torment 04:296. More Pain 05:057. See my Hate 06:048. Simply Suffering 03:44

Silent Resentment – Death Is Utopia (2009)

Artist: Silent ResentmentAlbum: Death Is UtopiaYear: 2009Style: Melodic Gothic/Doom MetalCountry: ChinaFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsTotal time: 1:11:57Размер: 142MB Tracklist:01.Der Tang der Tolengraeber02.Death Is Utopia03.The Bible of Love04.Kiss Your Blood Out05.Purple Scar06.Catch07.Gothic Era08.After Forever09.The Little Mermaid10.Face Your Darkness in the Heart11.Death Is Utopia (Demo)12.Track (demo)

Suffocation – The Close Of A Chapter [live] (2009)

Artist: SuffocationAlbum: The Close Of A Chapter [live]Year: 2009Style: Brutal Technical Death MetalCountry: United StatesFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsTotal time: 1:12:18Size: 103MB Tracklist:1. Infecting the Crypts2. Thrones of Blood3. Surgery of Impalement4. Catatonia5. Liege of Inveracity6. Despise the Sun7. Subconsciously Enslaved8. Immortally Condemned9. Effigy of the Forgotten10. Tomes of Acrimony11. Breeding the Spawn12. Pierced from Within13. Funeral Inception …

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Folkearth – By The Sword Of My Father (2006)

Исполнитель: FolkearthАльбом: By The Sword Of My FatherГод: 2006Стиль: Epic Folk/Viking MetalСтрана: SwedenФормат: mp3@256KbpsПолное время альбома: 72:33Размер: 98 Мб. Треклист:01. Introduction02. The Lady’s Gift03. By The Sword Of My Father04. Naglfar Sets Sail05. The Death Of Beowulf06. Instrumental07. Skaldic Art08. Domain Of Darksome Ravens09. Return To Waelehalle10. Heathenpride (Falkenbach Cover)11. Elves12. Invictus13. Wisdom Of Wolves14. …

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Thor’s Hammer – The Fate Worse Than Death (2002)

Исполнитель: Thor’s HammerАльбом: The Fate Worse Than DeathГод: 2002Стиль: NS Black MetalСтрана: PolandФормат: mp3@320KbpsПолное время альбома: 32:07Размер: 71 MB Треклист:1.Fuck Off And Die 02:292.When The Towers Fall 03:313.Young Blood 03:384.Grand Isolation 03:555.Endless War 04:086.The Fate Worse Than Death 12:017.Outro 02:25 Скачать