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Buried In Verona – Saturday Night Sever (2010)

Style: Melodic MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR298kbps Country: Australia Size: 84MB Tracklist:1. The End (4:25)2. Temptress (3:46)3. Saturday Night Sever (4:02)4. Professor Plum In the Ballroom With the Candlestick (3:02)5. Hangin’ Hoes By Their Toes (3:31)6. Go Go Gadget Suicide (3:36)7. Rohypnol Suicide (4:07)8. Bell Ringer (3:25)9. You Left Me With No Goodbye (3:54)10. Cut Wrists …

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MyChildren MyBride – Lost Boy (2010)

Style: MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR227kbps Country: USA Size: 83Mb Tracklist:1.Terra Firma2.Hooligans3.King of the Hopeless4.Crimson Grim5.Lost Boys6.Dark Passenger7.Gatekeeper8.Digital Rebirth9.Redeemer10.Nuclear11.Lungs Full of Water12.Untitled

Legend – Valediction (2010)

Style: Metalcore, HardcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR294Kbps Country: USA Size: 75MB Tracklist:1. Illusions Of Permanence2. In Sight3. Harlot4. The Pain Of Parting5. The Healing6. Fabricator7. Priorities8. Interlude9. Suffering10. Valediction12. 10.18.08

The Ghost Inside – Returners (2010)

Style: Hardcore / MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: USA Size: 83MB Tracklist:1. Walk Away From The World 01:272. Greater Distance 02:263. Between The Lines 03:234. Unspoken 03:435. Overlooked 03:056. Chrono 03:317. The Conflict 04:008. Downbeat 03:159. The Returner 01:0710. Through The Cracks 03:1311. Truth And Temper 08:49

Amplify Your Life – Salvation Lies Within (2010)

Style: Post-hardcore, MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Russian FederationSize: 102MB Tracklist:1. 4 (3:57)2. From The Very Beginning (4:04)3. Walk Your Way (3:57)4. Doubt (3:57)5. Unbracing Cold (3:57)6. No Return (3:09)7. This War (3:27)8. Greed (2:54)9. The Same Old Story (3:48)10. Fly Away (3:28)11. Creating New You (4:35)12. My Memories (3:19)13. Hatred (4:52)14. Forever Lone (3:23) …

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Social Surplus – Hopera (2010)

Style: Hardcore / MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR233kbps Country: USASize: 59MB Tracklist:1. The Anger Of The Poet 3:002. Pangea 3:593. Wolves 2:234. My Awful Vision 3:475. Silicon Key Vs Chocolate Door 3:236. Last Fool Race 3:237. Magenta Thoughts 3:398. Kiss Me I’m The Liar 3:349. Lustful Kiss 3:3610.No One’s Guilt 4:10

Terminal Sick – Diagnosis (2010)

Style: Metalcore Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps Country: Italy Size: 67MB Tracklist:1. Deep Coma2. Living Injection3. Android4. Blind War5. Psychical Analysis6. Useless Hope7. Terminal Sick8. Unnatural9. My Pain10. Forever Alone11. Deep Coma (Remix)

Face of Reality – Behind the Silence (2010)

Style: MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR224kbps Country: Poland Size: 60MB Tracklist:1 Fade In 0:502 Face The Reality 4:133 God-Fearing 4:094 Behind The Silence 3:265 The Day, When Anger… 2:476 Police Bastard 2:217 Tower Of Babel 4:068 Slave By Choice 4:579 Fade Out 2:0910 Empty Words 4:4511 Save Tibet 3:4512 Fuck-Up 3:07

War Of Ages – Eternal (2010)

Style: Melodic MetalcoreFormat: mp3 | VBR246kbps Country: USASize: 67MB Tracklist:01. Collapse02. Desire (feat. guest vocals by Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)03. Failure04. My Resting Place05. Eternal (feat. guest vocals by Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)06. Indecision07. Lack of Clarity (feat. guest vocals by Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying / Year One)08. The …

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