Melodic Death Metal

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Soul Extinction – Lost (2009)

Style: Dark Metal With Doom/Death/Black InfluenceFormat: mp3@VBR248kbpsTotal time: 48:22Country: SwedenSize: 87MB Tracklist:1 Lost 6:512 The End 10:483 Dream Of Lies 5:354 Dead Land 4:585 Path Of Secrets 4:286 A New Era 6:387 My Last Breath 4:528 Black Pain 4:12 Download:

Tanatossis – La Cultura De La Muerte (2005)

Style: Thrash/Melodic Death MetalFormat: mp3@VBR275kbpsTotal time: 36:22Country: SpainSize: 73MB Tracklist:1. My Vanity 2. Sound Of Destruction 3. Pain Right Under 4. I Am Hate 5. Extinction 6. Endless Reality 7. Intoxicated 8. Last Breath 9. The Great Fall 10. TimewornDownload:

Warblade – The Phantom Blaze (2005)

Style: Melodic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR192Country: USATotal time: 01:07:42Size: 92MB Tracklist:1.The Nature Of The Beast2.The Arsenal3.The Ammunition4.The Plague5.The Dark Horse Rides Tonight6.The Phantom Blaze7.Black Lung8.Lateral Infinity9.Circumventing The Eternal Reccurence10.The Silent Red11.Inferno

Mind Ripper – Kahos Humana (2005)

Style: Melodic Black/Death MetalCountry: SerbiaFormat: mp3@CBR256kbpsTotal time: 43:18Size: 98 MBTracklist:01 Intro [01:04]02 Gardiens [05:03]03 Proclameurs de la paix [06:16]04 Larmes [06:00]05 Deny [05:10]06 Ce jour lа [05:14]07 Dans les veines [06:08]08 Evanghellion [06:19]

Enfold Darkness – Our Cursed Rapture (2009)

Style: Melodic Death MetalCountry: United StatesFormat: mp3@CBR256kbpsTotal time: 38:00Size: 67 MBmyspace.comTracklist:1. The Rise of the Greatest Fornicator2. In the Galleries of the Utmost Evil3. The Benefits of Your Demise4. Our Cursed Rapture5. Dead in the Brine6. Exaltations (Part I: The Entrance of Hecate)7. Exaltations (Part II: The Epitome of Grief)8. Altars of Perdition (Instrumental Interlude)9. …

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Shadows Far – As Black Turns Red (2009)

Style: Melodic Death/Thrash MetalCountry: SwitzerlandFormat: mp3@VBR250kbpsTotal time: 40:15Size: 73MB myspace.comTracklist:1. Apocalypse of Humanity 02:512. As Black Turns Red 04:033. Fuckeded Up Liars 04:234. Blood For Blood 04:285. A Decade Of Hate 03:306. Baptized In Blood 04:427. Burnt Confessions 04:528. Boarderline 05:139. Slaves Of Our Time 04:5110. 38000 01:28

In Slumber – Arcane Divine Subspecies (2009)

Style: Melodic Death MetalCountry: AustriaFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsTotal time: 52:14Size: 120MB Tracklist:1. Bleed In Vain2. Pinchbeck Identity3. Patchwork Masquerade4. Mechanic Strychnin Receiver5. Fragile Synthetic Order6. Fellow Believers Follow7. Of Pain And Malice8. Soulwrath Princess9. Pain Priority Injection10. Hatepath Engine11. Razorblade Balance12. Origin Of Carnage part part

Sworn – Bastards And Conquerors (2009)

Style: Blackened Melodic Extrem MetalCountry: NorwayFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsSize: 70MB Tracklist:1. Prophecies from the Land of Lost Voices2. The Bastard, The Conqueror3. Summoning the Sinister4. Beyonder5. Somnolence6. Damnation Spawned7. Carnal Monuments8. The Archaic Wraith9. Descendant