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Scorpions – Sting in the Tail (2010)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3 | VBR207kbps Country: Germany Size: 72MB Tracklist:1. Raised On Rock 3:582. Sting In The Tail 3:123. Slave Me 2:454. The Good Die Young 5:145. No Limit 3:236. Rock Zone 3:177. Lorelei 4:328. Turn You On 4:239. Sly 5:1610. Spirit Of Rock 3:4211. The Best Is Yet To Come 4:33 Download:hotfile.comturbobit.netdepositfiles.com

Slow Intentional Damage – Unstoppable (2010)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3@VBR229kbps Country: TurkeySize: 75MB Tracklist: 1. The Inevitable Onslaught (1:02) 2. Beaten Bloodied Broken (5:20) 3. Judas Complex (4:28) 4. Eve of Deceit (1:42) 5. Lies of the Betrayer (5:12) 6. Nazi’s Torch (3:56) 7. Road To Ruin (5:04) 8. Final Doom (5:09) 9. Pro A Pera Argentum (3:43) Download:hotfile.com

Barricada – La Tierra Esta Sorda (2009)

Style: Hard Rock Format: mp3@VBR202kbps Country: SpainSize: 97 MB Tracklist: 1. Desfilan2. Sotanas3. Hasta Siempre, Tensi4. Por La libertad5. Los Maestros6. Matilde Landa7. Infierno De Piedra8. La Estancia9. 22 De Mayo10. Es Una Carta11. Pétalos12. Suela De Alpargata13. Casas Viejas14. Llegan Los Cuervos15. Cierra Los Ojos16. Las Siete De La Tarde17. Agua Estancada18. Una Lágrima …

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Giant – Promise Land (2010)

Style: Hard Rock Format: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: USASize: 130MB Tracklist: 01. Believer (Redux)02. Promise Land03. Never Surrender04. Our Love05. Prisoner of Love06. Two Worlds07. Plenty of Love08. Through My Eyes09. I’ll Wait For You10. Dying To See You11. Double Trouble12. Complicated Man13. Save Me Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net taken from source

Ynnity – Quite Quiet Melody (2008)

Style: Hard Rock Format: mp3@VBR216kbps Country: Czech Republic Total time: 50:41 Size: 80MB Tracklist:01. Enter02. City03. East04. Record Me05. Prayer06. Drive You Crazy07. Mr. Drummer08. Lost09. Burned To Ashes10. Responsible Woman11. Dreamer12. Quite Quiet Melody13. Nothing Left Download:hotfile.comturbobit.net

Killer Klown – Gain (2009)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsCountry: ItalySize: 52MB Tracklist:01. Monster Idiot02. Bloody Velvet03. Tropical Disease04. Big Town05. Broken Silence06. Too Bad07. Joker08. Smoke This09. Acid Rain10. Gangster11. Demolition Man Download:ifolder.ruhotfile.com taken from http://darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20100101624/killer-klown-gain-2009.html

Izzy Stradlin – Smoke (2009)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: USASize: 81MB Tracklist:1. Nothing On Me2. Too Hot3. 30k Up4. Dehydrated5. Comfort Zone6. Snow7. I’m Breathing In8. Gotta Go9. Driving Down10. Smoke (Instrumental) Download:hotfile.comdepositfiles.com taken from http://darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20091231623/izzy-stradlin-smoke-2009.html

American Dog – Mean (2010)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: USASize: 82MB Tracklist:01. Just One More02. Cat Has Got You By The Tongue03. Drivin’ Down The Sidewalk04. Mean05. Blood, Guts and Beer06. Gonna Stop Drinkin’ Tomorrow07. Mine All Mine08. This Ain’t The Summer Of Love09. Sunshine/Moonshine10. Ain’t Dead Yet11. Motherfucker Download:

Los Bastardos Finlandeses – El Grandes Saloon (2009)

Style: Hard RockFormat: mp3@VBR218kbpsCountry: FinlandTotal time: 31:25Size: 51MB Tracklist:01. Motor Rock Meltdown (2:48)02. Flshermans Wife (3:31)03. All My Amigos (3:18)04. Costa Del crime (3:24)05. El Grande Rides Again (3:09)06. No way out (2:25)07. Go-Go Girl (2:59)08. Rock Police (3:07)09. Another Tequila (3:25)10. El Grandes Saloon (3:19) Download:hotfile.com turbobit.net taken from http://darkmusic.org.ua/index.php/20091230620/los-bastardos-finlandeses-el-grandes-saloon-2009.html

Liberty N’ Justice – Light It Up (2010)

Style: Melodic Hard RockFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsCountry: vРазмер: 88MB Tracklist:01. Light It Up (feat. Phil Lewis & JK Northrup)02. The Other Thief (feat. Dale and Toy Thompson)03. Blink (feat. Lynn Louise Lowrey & Eddie Ojeda)04. Do What You Believe (feat. CJ Snare & Bill Leverty)05. Man vs. Mother Nature (feat. Ted Poley & Vic Rivera)06. Treading On …

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