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Hearts Fall for Danny Tanner – Unlimited Power: Infinite Brutality (2010)

Style: Deathcore/Metalcore Format: mp3@CBR285kbps Country: USASize: 84MB Tracklist:1. Unlimited Power: Infinite Brutality – 4:012. The Manhattan Complex – 5:053. Teen Dating Violence – 4:244. Back Alley Prom Night Body Part Roundup – 4:165. Sucked Off and Eaten Alive – 3:406. Echoes (techno remix) – 2:107. The Death of Walter Kovaks – 4:228. Waste of Skin …

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Denial – Crucifixion Of Humanity (2009)

Style: Death Metal/Deathcore Format: mp3 | VBR320kbps Country: Russian FederationSize: 68MB Tracklist:01. No More Pity02. Crucifixion Of Humanity03. Condemn04. Misery05. To Relieve One’s Anxinety06. Decomposition Of Deceitful Society07. Among The Death08. Inhuman09. Today We Are All Dead Download:

Carnifex – Hell Chose Me (2010)

Style: Deathcore Format: mp3@VBR275kbps Country: USA Size: 68MB Tracklist:1. Hell Chose Me 3:322. Dead Archetype 2:313. Entombed Monarch 3:444. Names Mean Nothing 2:585. Heartless 4:136. Sorrowspell 3:377. The Scope Of Obsession 2:558. By Darkness Enslaved 3:399. The Liar’s Funeral 3:0310. Genocide Initiative 4:21

Under The Scythe – Истина В Тебе (2009)

Style: DeathcoreFormat: mp3@VBR198kbps Country: Russian FederationSize: 49MB Tracklist: 1. Дух времени 2. Сливаясь с тенями 3. Запертые ненавистью 4. Там где свет 5. Сжигая себя 6.Последний шаг 7.Третий рубеж 8. В Безмолвии 9. Мой реквием 10. Не оставляй надежд 11. Твой новый день

Confession – Cancer (2009)

Style: Melodic DeathcoreFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: AustraliaTotal time: 37:15Размер: 89MB Tracklist:1. Introduction 1:262. Send A Meat Truck 3:173. Must’ve Cut His Heart Out 3:024. Anarchy Road 3:065. That Scag And His Flooze, They’re Gonna Die 3:046. That’s Not The Goose 2:597. I Am The Nightrider 3:148. The Bitch Is Born To Run 2:579. Cundalini Wants His Hand …

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