Cursed Carnival – Taste The Fear (2009)

Style: Thrash MetalFormat: mp3@CBR192kbpsCountry: PolandTotal time: 44:03Size: 57MB Tracklist:11. Stop the Trafic Lights 03:25 2. Thanksgivin’ 03:28 3. Natural Born Liar 04:55 4. Pain from Hidden Scars 05:13 5. Clawed Impostors 04:02 6. Screams of Fallen Angels 06:21 7. Fuck It (Instrumental) 04:36 8. Destiny of the Deceiver 04:30 9. Cursed Carnival 07:33

Poets Became Silent – New Songs (2009)

Style: Technical Death Metal / Black MetalFormat: mp3@VBR320KbpsCountry: MéxicoSize: 54 MB myspace.comTracklist:01. Beacon of Supremacy02. The Ruthless Retribution Of Ammut03. Seeds Of Contagion04. Throught My Veins Courses The Blood Of…05. Blacktide (demo)06. Oblivion of the Inmaculate Download:

Melqart – Libre (2009)

Style: Heavy/Power MetalFormat: mp3@VBR256kbpsCountry: SpainSize: 85MBmyspace.comTracklist:1. Sin Salida2. Living Alone3. Noche De Rock4. Nada5. Sueños Sin Alcanzar, PT26. Sueños Sin Alcanzar, PT37. Master Of Fire8. Sobre El Asfalto9. Un Camino A Seguir10. The Last Day (nv) Download:

Land Of Tears – World Of Pain (2008)

Style: Doom/Death MetalFormat: mp3@VBR244kbpsCountry: BrazilSize: 85MBmyspace.comTracklist:1. Land of Tears 6:042. Canon Episcopi 3:303. World of Pain 5:174. The First Time and the Last One 6:295. Eternal Suffering 7:026. Tormented Shadows 3:027. Vinho 5:408. Abducted 5:079. Winter Sadness 6:14 Download:

Hellkult – The Collection (best of/compilation) (2004)

Style: Pagan Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR320kbpsCountry: FinlandSize: 142MBTracklist:01. From The Darkest Depths02. Satanic War03. We Crucify You Again04. God Is The Enemy05. Darkness06. Unholy Christian Holocaust07. The Summoning Of Elder Gods08. True Victory of Evil09. Chambers Of Poisoned Sleep10. Satanic Warmetal11. Hail War12. Those Of Pure Heathen Blood13. Der Sieg Ist Unser14. Marching Towards The Dawning …

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Armageddon – Heavy Metal Saga [best of/compilation] (2002)

Style: Progressive/Symphonic MetalFormat: mp3@CBR256kbpsCountry: SerbiaSize: 120MBTracklist:1. Sound Of Thunder 2. Children Of Savage Kind Of Seed 3. No Advice 4. Black Swan Rider 5. Magic Star 6. Sarabanda 7. Memories 8. Clouds In The Sky 9. Go Down With R’n’r 10. Link Of The Time 11. Electric Gawot 12. Gandalf Suite 13. Lavica 14. Jednoj …

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Carnal Lust – Whore Of Violence (2003)

Style: Death MetalFormat: mp3@320KbpsCountry: FranceSize: 96MB myspace.comTracklist:[4:11] Psychotic Dementia[2:35] Scared[5:18] Messiah[3:56] Infectious Mind[5:44] The Last Soldier[4:45] Outlaw[3:12] Human Die[5:38] Hard Drinker[2:42] Lost into the Chaos[2:05] Grind Porc

Warblade – The Phantom Blaze (2005)

Style: Melodic Black MetalFormat: mp3@CBR192Country: USATotal time: 01:07:42Size: 92MB Tracklist:1.The Nature Of The Beast2.The Arsenal3.The Ammunition4.The Plague5.The Dark Horse Rides Tonight6.The Phantom Blaze7.Black Lung8.Lateral Infinity9.Circumventing The Eternal Reccurence10.The Silent Red11.Inferno

Allure Of Damnation – Last Day Of Your Life (2009)

Style: Gothic/Black MetalFormat: mp3@VBRCountry: MexicoTotal time: 1:04:01Size: 67MB Tracklist:1. Medieval Times (Intro) 01:162. Only in my dreams 05:343. Gothic Princess 07:334. Tell me your fear 05:375. Last day of your life 03:286. Bajo el sol 05:527. Wake up 05:188. Fade to black 06:439. Requiem for a dream 03:4510. Nightmare 03:5311. The hidden pleasure 04:0412. Forces …

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Forgotten Silence – …The Nameless Forever The Last Remembrance… (2005)

Style: Experimental, Doom Metal, Death MetalFormat: mp3@VBR192Country: Czech RepublicTotal time: 30:36Size: 72MB Tracklist:1. The Broken SleepWaiting For…2. Diamonds Of The Night3. The Crystalline Hearts(Marble Halls Ii)4. …From The Flame5. The Vision6. The Hills Of Sentlaan Pt I7. Neverending Journey8. On Shore Of Arges9. Hear The Silence10. Outro