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Veld – Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian (2015)


Veld – Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian (2015)

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Genre: Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: International
Size: 115 Mb

1. The Sweet Sound Of Torment (Intro)
2. World In Obscure
3. Constant Suffering
4. Endless Spiritual Paranoia
5. Lost But Never Forgotten
6. Merciless And The Innocents
7. Conquerors Of All Icons
8. Love – Anguish – Hate
9. In Eternal Waiting
10. Annihilation Of Divinity/Trust Upon Ignorance/


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review

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