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Strict Vincent – All That Is,Occupies Now (2013)


Strict Vincent – All That Is,Occupies Now (2013)


Genre: Melodic Death / Progressive / Experimental Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Australia
Size: 101 Mb

01.Burning Dawn Utopia 04:43
02.The Charlie Uniform November Tango 02:44
03.Urine Blonde 03:29
04.Ted Bundy Part 1:Bruise the Fruits of the Flesh 03:68
05.The Bundy Part 2:The Coed Killer 06:21
06.The Bundy Part 3:Ungodly Legacy 07:23
07.Beaten ’til Climax 03:58
08.Sheep Dressed As Wolves 04:02
09.Tinitus/Laryngitus 02:40


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