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Splice (French death metal) have released their second album


Splice (French death metal) have released their second album

Splice (French death metal) have released their second album
“Mythological Deviance” this March, 15th.
The digital record is available for free here :
or here :

You can also listen to it here :

Enjoy !

Splice practiced for 3 years a Death Metal that is both brutal and
melodic, modern but true to the roots of the genre. Early 2013, they
give us a second album which definitely says their style through 10
intense and devastating tracks. Songs that make sense on stage through
solid and debrided performances, to mark a lasting impression.

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Splice – Mythological Deviance (2013)


Splice – Mythological Deviance (2013)


Genre: Death Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR288kbps
Country: France
Size: 82 Mb

01. Intro 01:11
02. Fangs Of The Viper 03:55
03. The Infernal Kali 03:51
04. When The Moon’s Blood Colors The Sand 03:03
05. Perversion In Pompeii 03:24
06. Under The Sign Of Celestial Legends 03:57
07. Necromantic Druid 03:45
08. Uku Pacha Rising 03:35
09. Amazonia River Of Blood 03:49
10. Zhong Zui King Of Ghosts 04:07
11. The Soul Of Ayer’s Rock 03:38


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review

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