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Spasm – Taboo Tales (2011)


Spasm – Taboo Tales (2011)


Genre: Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Czech Republic
Size: 80 Mb

01. Ozolagnia (Pussy Heaven)
02. Emetophilia (Bathed In Vomits)
03. Juvenilism (Harmless Forplay Passion)
04. Menophilia (I Love When You Bleed)
05. Dildophilia (Best Ladie’s Friend)
06. DownSyndromelagnia (Ode Of Aberrant)
07. Klismaphilia (Filling Your Anus With Sperm)
08. Mysophilia (Devouring Your Body Litter)
09. Induratio Penis Plastica (Like A Concord Sucking)
10. Irrumatio (Oral Temptation)
11. Vulvism (My Fist Will Help)
12. Brontophilia (Satanic Anal Thunder)
13. Eurotophilia (Your Charms, My Lust)
14. Scopophilia (My Eyes Are Always Open)
15. Gokkun (Spermbank Degustator)
16. Septophilia (Septic Honeymoon)
17. Neanilagnia (Lolita’s Triumph)
18. Cheiromania (Masturbation – No Pain, No Gain)


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review