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Review Sick’s Agony : Towards My Places


Review Sick’s Agony : Towards My Places

Sick's Agony : Towards My Places

Sick’s Agony are an intriguing solo band from Italy playing some style of Black metal-derived (Burzum circa ‘Filosofem’) Doom metal comparable to Dolorian and, to a lesser extent, also Nortt. The music could certainly be categorized as Black/Doom because despite the essence of the former genre, the styling and pace is too close to doom metal. Regardless, it’s good music, taking the best of both worlds so to speak. Black metal and Doom metal both have become rather hackneyed in their normal expression. Hence, it’s necessary for more inter-genre mingling for the sake of creativity.

Sick’s Agony have released their debut full length in ‘Towards My Places’. It’s an hour-long affair, seven songs plodding away wistfully, bearing a heavy heart. There’s beauty amidst the black metal rawness. There’s simplicity and clean execution but the melodies are evocative of some beautiful thoughts despite the despondency. Coupled with the relative harshness, the music comes to life gracefully, leading the song forward in phases almost. It’s rather minimalist, close to Funeral Doom metal in its execution but it gets the job done in portraying feelings that emanate naturally and inspire others to conjure up some – music evokes empathy after all.

The vocals are low but not shrieked or growled too forcefully. They waddle in the music just enough to be heard, leaving it to the music to do most of the work. The atmosphere and melodies form the crux of the music here. And that’s fair enough. That’s what the music needs. The band seems to understand that which is important. The melodies in the context are delicate and need to be nurtured not overshadowed. If there’s any drawback, it’s the relative simplicity and lack of too many variations that keep things somewhat predictable. But it’s a solid affair for this style of music by any yardstick. There aren’t too many bands that can pull off this style of music, be it Nortt or Ancient Wisdom. Italians have a better success rate in any case – there’s Opera IX from the early days, Arcana Coelestia and many of its recent contemporaries, all doing it in a sufficiently decent manner.

Sick’s Agony have done very well here for a debut full length release. It’s competent, rife with emotions and well arranged. It would help if the band could be more expressive even for its bleak intent, just to add more depth and contrast.

Tracklist :
1. Obsessive Paranoia
2. The End of Dreams
3. The Triumph of Scars
4. A Deep Anxiety
5. A Journey through the Past
6. Towards My Places
7. Eternal Wandering in the Cosmic Void

Duration : Approx. 61 minutes

Visit the Sick’s Agony bandpage.

Sick’s Agony – Towards My Places (2013)


Sick’s Agony – Towards My Places (2013)


Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: Italy
Size: 86 Mb

1. Obsessive Paranoia 11:10
2. The End Of Dreams 14:20
3. The Triumph Of Fears 02:55
4. A Deep Anxiety 08:50
5. A Journey Through The Past 04:01
6. Towards My Places 12:35
7. Eternal Wandering In The Cosmic Void 06:40


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