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Shadow Venger – Age Of The Golden Dragon (2012)


Shadow Venger – Age Of The Golden Dragon (2012)


Genre: Melodic Death / Power Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: United Kingdom
Size: 113 Mb

1. Striking Thoughts (Instrumental Edit) (instrumental)
2. Final Survival (Ft. Morgan O’Faye)
3. Life Before Death
4. Jujimufu (instrumental)
5. New World Disorder (ft. J.R of Neuronspoiler)
6. Never the Same (ft Elina Siirala of enkElination)
7. All I Conquer (ft. Cyclonis Niyil-ka)
8. Lift the Curse of Marz
9. Hell


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review