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Quantum Sphere – The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy (2012)


Quantum Sphere – The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy (2012)


Genre: Progressive Metal / Jazz / Fusion
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: United Kingdom
Size: 62 Mb

1CD.The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy (2011):
1.The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy 04:42
2.The Fornax Void 06:44
3.Fractal Dimensions 04:26
4.Perplexia 04:58
5.Interplanetary Probe 05:00
6.Error 04:57
7.Tachyon Pulse Induction Protocol 04:44
8.Amastia 04:12
9.Attack Ships on Fire off the Shoulder of Orion 04:40

2CD. Guitar Backing Tracks (2012):
1.Space Adventures Guitar Backing Track 04:46
2.The Fornax Void Guitar Backing Track 05:06
3.Fractal Dimensions Guitar Backing Track 04:27
4.Perplexia Guitar Backing Track 04:33
5.Interplanetary Probe Guitar Baking Track 05:06
6.Error Guitar Backing Track 05:03
7.Tachyon Pulse Induction Protocol Guitar Backing Track 04:47
8.Amastia Guitar Backing Track 04:08
9.Attack Ships Guitar Backing Track 03:59


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