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Obsecrate The Deity – Worlds Obscured (2016)


Obsecrate The Deity – Worlds Obscured (2016)

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Genre: Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: USA
Size: 120 Mb

01. Descending To The Dark
02. Passage Of Disorder
03. Brief Serenity Disorients The Mind
04. Exile Meets The Inhabitant
05. Puzzling Allurement Of Hopelessness
06. Society, The Blood, Inflamed
07. Escape The Malevolent Horde
08. Seizing The Wayfarer
09. Dreams Of Bliss
10. Experimentation Mechanism
11. Evade From Demise
12. Antagonized Brutes
13. A World Obscure


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