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Nefarium – Ad Discipulum (2010)


Nefarium – Ad Discipulum (2010)

Style: Black/Death Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR230kbps
Country: Italy
Size: 63MB

1. ‘Tongue Of The First Pope (Simon Peter)’
2. ‘Hands Bleeding Fear (Pontius Pilate)’
3. ‘The Bastard Son Of Satan (Jesus Christ)’
4. ‘Shepherd For Dead Lambs (Johan The Baptist)’
5. ‘Sharpening The Spear Of Longinus (Cassius Longinus)’
6. Servus Servorum Satanae (Benedictus XVI)’
7. ‘Seven Whores Of Magdala (Mary Magdaleine)’
8. ‘Mass Infanticide By The King Of Judea (Herod The Great)


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