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Mangled Atrocity – Grotesque Ritual Of Mutilation (2013)


Mangled Atrocity – Grotesque Ritual Of Mutilation (2013)


Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR205kbps
Country: USA
Size: 45 Mb

01.Cranial Induced Orgasm 02:48
02.Reanimated Dead Copulation 03:02
03.Grotesque Ritual Of Mutilation 03:28
04.Regurgitating Menstral Seepage 03:17
05.Molested Cadaver For The Sick 02:44
06.Bludgeoned,Butchered,Burned and Boxed Up 03:12
07.Fecal Ingestation 03:28
08.Remnants of Flesh 02:44
09.Vaginal Butchery 02:42
10.Defiled Remains 03:29


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