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MALICHOR, a black/thrash metal band from Melbourne


MALICHOR, a black/thrash metal band from Melbourne


Hails from MALICHOR, a black/thrash metal band from Melbourne,
Australia. Our latest release “Ancient Brew” featuring four beer inspired horror tales. This can be downloaded from:

Malichor, whose name translates to “tainted blood of gods” was
formed in 2007 to play music inspired by legendary outfits such as
Venom, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Desaster,
Bestial Mockery, Destroyer 666, Nifelheim, etc. Three demos were
recorded between 2007 and 2011 as the band worked on sealing a regular

In 2011 Malichor started performing live, featuring a stylised form of
crushing yet tasteful black-thrash inspired by the works of HP
Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

2012 saw the release of Malichor’s first official EP “Lurkers in
the Crypt”, released on luxurious digipack CD and limited to 100
copies. This EP received positive reviews from zines around the world
and launched the band into some memorable live performances with
iconic Melbourne bands including Destruktor, Cemetery Urn, Ignivomous,
Black Jesus and Order of Orias.

2013 has already been eventful with the release of the “Ancient
Brew” CD, complete with a headline live performance to launch the
EP. This year will also see the release of a 7” single entitled
“The Serum” (scheduled for a release in May 2013) and the
recording of a full-length Cthulhu Mythos themed concept album to
start in August featuring 10 “subterranean black thrash” songs.

Malichor links:

2007 – Discordant Symphony (Demo)
2009 – The Myth (Demo)
2011 – Oath of Dagon (Demo)
2012 – Lurkers in the Crypt (EP) (download from )
2013 – Ancient Brew (EP) (download from )

Malichor are:
D. Defiler (ex-Anarazel) – Vocals
R. Morturus (ex-Anarazel) – Drums
A. Abominatus (ex-Grimlock) – Guitar
R. Malice (Perseverance, Denouncement Pyre)
B. Fleshripper – Bass (ex-Anarazel, ex-Portrayal, ex-Very Very Dead &

• “Lurkers in the Crypt” is a solid fourth release (first EP,
following three demos with the first two being released under a
different name) for Malichor and I will be very eager to check out
anything the band releases in future. (Witching Metal Webzine)
• Satan is definitely happy for getting these Aussies out for some
cerebral debauchery parties on the face of the Earth, and most
probably both you and me wanna join the party too? Subterranean Black
Thrash Metal is the law to be obeyed. (Voices from the Darkside)
• thrashy chugs, drum-beaten tremolos, and sinister descents are
present, which makes for a nice combination of tricks although each
one hardly deviates from how it’s played in the books, but it was
the atmosphere I enjoyed most, if truth be told, the semi-epic, and
culminating aura that enhances the haunting feel of the riffs.
(Lacerated Metal Zine)
• MALICHOR guys don’t hesitate to follow the old tradition and
practice a very acceptable mix of black and thrash metal, Lovecraft
inspired, the kind of like you’ll be head banging from first track
to the last … I like the feeling at instrumentation because you can
hear everything and it sounds dark and rotten, but understandable.
(Zombie Ritual Fanzine)