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Koizora – The Cursed Mirror Of The Wooded Glen (2014)


Koizora – The Cursed Mirror Of The Wooded Glen (2014)


Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Canada
Size: 122 Mb

1.The Cursed Mirror of the Wooded Glen 04:08
2.Black and void the mirror stands, 03:45
3.Its power veiled from mortal hands. 04:03
4.The Witch alone, with firm command, 03:14
5.Can gaze into the heart of man. 03:29
6.Yet, lovelorn her apprentice yearned 03:37
7.To view a soul which he learned; 03:40
8.A maiden fair, but far apart. 05:14
9.He touched the glass to know her heart. 04:37
10.The mirror cracked and cast its curse. 03:53
11.His affection’s name, his final verse. 01:42
12.His love, to death, would quickly pass, 03:35
13.As boy would turn from flesh to glass. 04:11
14.The End 04:06


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