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Internal Suffering – Cyclonic Void Of Power (2016)


Internal Suffering – Cyclonic Void Of Power (2016)

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Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: Colombia
Size: 62 Mb

1. Ride the Mountains of Madness (Introduction) 01:15
2. Unleash the Antarctic Colossus (Prevail in the Universe with Crowning Might… Kadath is the Vortex!) 03:33
3. Omnipotent Triumvirate (The Second Call of Cthulhu | Heirs of Might) 04:44
4. Vanished from Cosmos (Parallel Orb Inception… Expelled from the Nebula!) 03:56
5. Monumental Crusade (Portal of Universal Secrets | Revitalized into… Amenta!) 03:37
6. Dimension of the Wicked (Creation of Phenomenal Existence… Into the Tunnels of Set!) 04:54
7. Upon Mystical Gateways (Defeat the Primal Fear… Unity Lies Beyond the Cosmos!) 03:38
8. Cyclonic Void of Power (One with Eternity | Outer Gateways) 03:55
9. Abominable Highlands (Into the Monolithic Citadel of Nyarlathotep!) 03:38
10. Protectors of the Slumber Empire (Inhabitants of the Watchtower | Polaris in the Sky) 03:18
11. Órbitas ancestrales de poder (Vorágine de la negación | Efigie de lo supremo… 333!) 04:32


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