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The Inner Maze band biography


The Inner Maze band biography

Inner Maze
The Inner Maze band was created in August 2005 by Alexander (Slicer) Kotlyarov, the guitarist, and Andrey (Henry) Popov, the drummer.

Since 2005 to 2007 the band have gathered the musicians and got down to work on such new tracks, as Сяйво, Минуты Холодной Зимы, To My Forgotten, Despair. At that moment the band was called Mental Tragedy.
In spring of 2007 the drummer Andrey Myakshino (Main Stream, PAPA BULDOZER, THE JELLYFISH) joined the band and played with them for a couple of months and in the summer of 2007 left the band. By that time the band recorded some demo tracks.
The search of a new drummer ended successfully by the end of the summer of 2007. The new drummer becomes Eduard Sarkits (MEPA, Infinitum, RoNRoMeRo, Mysterya, Kraamola, I Miss My Death, Inferno) – a quite experienced drummer, who impressed the band not only with his phenomenal drummer skills, but also with his open attitude to the band in general. With him the band received a solid rhythmic foundation. From the beginning of the autumn of 2007 the band decided to take a new name – Inner Maze. The first concert took place in Barvy club, where the band presented their new material.

From the autumn of 2007 to the early summer of 2008 the band have been working on the new material and performing on the stage. In the summer of 2008 the band’s activity was almost frozen until the early autumn, when the band started recording their first demo album, called Mental Tragedy. The album was released in a form of digital release.

In the autumn of 2008 Katya, the keyboard player, left the band. And despite all material could be performed without keyboards, guys decided to search for another keyboardist. The new one was Julia, who joined the group in winter of 2009.

Yet the deliberate peace of work was interrupted, when Eduard decided to leave the band. That was a very difficult summer for the band, which was on the edge of breakup. There were little chances to find a decent alternative of Eduard. Andrew Popov decides to take place at the drums to help the band to continue living. Yet, until the December 2009 Inner Maze fails to find another drummer and the decision was to search for a new vocalist.

The end of 2010 brings new cardinal changes in the line-up of the band. The band accepts Natalia Androsova (Phobos Et Deimos ), a charming vocalist with unique voice, Roman Rodin (Grimfaith, Exact Division), a baseman, and Nick Thunder (ex Thy Dispear, I Miss My Death), a keyboard player.

In the Spring of 2012 Alexander (Slicer) Kotlyarov one of the founders of the band decides to leave. His place was taken by Sergey Smetana (Exact Division).

In 2012 Inner Maze records EP Osmium, consisted of 3 tracks, one of which was recorded featuring Roman Semenchuk, DIMICANDUM band vocalist.

Inner Maze performed on the one stage with such bands as Balfor, Provocateur, Grimfaith, Dimicandum, Mysteria, Infinite Tales, Bleed, T.H.D., Atlantis, Mer’lyn Monroe, Кромлех, Путь Солнца, Изморозь, Stigmatic Chorus, FireLake, Te Deum, Holy Blood, Thy Depsair, I Miss My Death, FAITH, Zorg Inc.

Inner Maze – Osmium video

The group:

Natalia Androsova – vocals
Sergei Smetana – guitar (solo)
Andriy Popov – drums
Roman Zhbadinsky – bass
Anton Morderer – guitar (rhythm)


Inner Maze – Under The Black Ice (2014)


Inner Maze – Under The Black Ice (2014)


Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Ukraine
Size: 69 Mb

01. To My Forgotten 04:28
02. Under The Black Ice 03:05
03. Distress Maelstrom 03:31
04. Osmium 03:27
05. Погляд 04:35
06. Hate 03:37
07. Золото 04:33
08. Core 03:25


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