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How We worked Corpsecleaners – Cleanax (2010)


How We worked Corpsecleaners – Cleanax (2010)

Style: Mathcore / Goregrind
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Russian Federation
Size: 70 MB

01. 8th day:We have washed Jesus body, and it has revived
02. 10th day:Business trip on Red Square in the mausoleum
03. 13th day:Tragical case with the DJ on a hippodrome
04. 18th day:exhumation of local otolaryngologist
05. 12th day:I suspect of it fascist slogans(A.Hitler’s song)
06. 14th day:Anthem of the Corpsecleaners
07. 6th day:Revenge of pigs to swineherds
08. 19th day:Volvo has moved the lying policeman
09. 7th day:Horrible accident – a dog is in roller’s ass
10. 9th day:The window cleaner and the corpsecleaner – what the same?
11. 16th day:Fuck Yeah!It’s weekend time!
12. 11th day:Again it is a lot of work – yesterday there was an act of terrorism
13. 15th day:Murder on racial soil 9 9-inch nails in the nigger
14. 17th day:Salad from bikers.Fuckin LEGO
15. 20th day:How We worked Corpsecleaners
16. 20th day:How We worked Corpsecleaners(Karaoke)
17. 1st Day – Oh My Fuckin God! Here Really Cleans Corpses
18. 2nd Day – It’s So Hard To Work Without Half-Litre
19. 3rd Day – Cheerful Dismembership In Iron Basins And Jars
20. 4th Day – Fuck! The Local Otolaryngologist Is Dead
21. 5 day 5 day:Oh my Fucking god!Worms in your guts!