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Gods Of Chaos – March Into Perdition (2012)


Gods Of Chaos – March Into Perdition (2012)


Genre: Technical / Avant-Garde Metal / Crust / Grindcore
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Croatia
Size: 97 Mb

01.Twitching Sours 03:00
02.A Swarm of Bats in the Raging Hailstorm 01:15
03.Nuclear Phantom Howl 02:58
04.The Drug of Joy 02:02
05.Black Alert / Lack of Earth 02:31
06.Dealers of Nadir 04:20
07.Crystalized Telekinetic Mindfuck 03:28
08.Crush the Skulls of All Fucking Posers 00:36
09.Conquer All!!! 01:56
10.Grinning with an Erection at the Gallows 03:15
11.Skullfucking Despair 07:21


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