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Goatfago – True Occult Astronomy Part II (2012)


Goatfago – True Occult Astronomy Part II (2012)


Genre: Black Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR276kbps
Country: Denmark
Size: 89 Mb

1. Sundown in Memory of Prime Nova Regula
2. Triumph of the Bell via Red Mercury
3. Map of the Universe with Venus in Center
4. The Hollow Voice of Dead Earth
5. Inside the Face on Mars
6. Praised Be Externum Jupiter Claves
7. At Necros Saturn Morbus Exos
8. Populated by Seven Goats of Uranus
9. Pluto Yuggoth of Black Stone and Death


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review

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