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George Kollias “Invictus” (2015)


George Kollias “Invictus” (2015)

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Genre: Technical Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: Greece
Size: 104 Mb

1. Echoes Of Divinity
2. Invictus
3. The Passage
4. Aeons Of Burning Galaxies
5. Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead
6. Voices
7. Treasures Of Nemesis
8. Apocalypse
9. Epitaph
10. Through Empty Eyes Of Light
11. Buried Under The Flames
12. Aeons Of Burning Galaxies (Bonus track)
13. Voices (Bonus track)
14. Epitaph (Bonus track)
15. Apocalypse (Bonus track)


if you like the album please buy it, you must delete it after you have listened to it after review

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