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Frostlagte Måne – Summoning Blizzard (2014)


Frostlagte Måne – Summoning Blizzard (2014)


Genre: Black Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR195kbps
Country: Russian Federation
Size: 136 Mb

01. Autumn Fog And Rain
02. Snøskred
03. The Wretched Hunger
04. Høst Av Blader
05. Taste Of Rusty Steel
06. Håp Inn Sorg
07. Sunset Above The Forgotten Church
08. Fuck Off The Moscow Black Metal Scene
09. Thoughts Under The Kaldt Stjerner
10. Inn Våre Sjeler (Kino – In Our Eyes)
11. The Silence Of The Noreg Skog
12. Håp Inn Sorg (Instrumental)
13. The Silence Of The Noreg Skog (Instrumental)


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