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Eyeswithoutaface industrial sludge metal outfit from Toronto


Eyeswithoutaface industrial sludge metal outfit from Toronto

Eyeswithoutaface is a 4 piece industrial sludge metal outfit from
Toronto, Canada. Recommended if you like: Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails,
Swans, Coil, Genghis Tron, Malformed Earthborn, Old Lady Drivers,
Necro Deathmort, The Bug, Drainland, Techno Animal, Burning Witch,
Ministry, Dead World, Corrupted, Red Harvest, Halo, etc.

We have been recording and playing shows since 2009. Thus far we have
put out two full lenght records and a handful of splits and remix cds.
Our releases have received praise from both print and blog media.

Please see the below link for our latest offering entitled Warguts.
The overall intent of this record is to place the listener in as
vulnerable a mindset as possible, decimating all preconceptions about
themselves or the society they are complicit in supporting, leaving
nothing but an ashy, quivering shell.

Thank you for you time and consideration.


“A raging piece of industrial sludge… roaring vocals, noise,
programmed samples and oppressive atmosphere meld together in a slag
heap of sludge corruption… they pull off a lot of different sounds
and weave together a wide array of influences, all while hitting the
notes spot-fucking-on.”

“The static-y crash of a brutal sonic waveform… doesn’t
regurgitate old ideas but ferociously channels them into something
with more contemporary relevance.”
– Exclaim!“

A masterpiece of heaviness in just about every sense of the word.”

“Madness and metal collide and will blow your head off. “