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Eternal Sacrifice – Iluminados Por Thabatherous Aleph… Musickantiga (2010)


Eternal Sacrifice – Iluminados Por Thabatherous Aleph… Musickantiga (2010)

Style: Melodic Black Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR214kbps
Country: Brazil
Size: 117Mb

01. Paganus Douctrina: Opus III: The Divine Hecate Queen of the Witches 01:39
02. The Lilith Phasis Cult: Goddess of the Moon 05:39
03. Paganus Douctrina: Homage to Fauno and Lilith 02:12
04. Blood on the Altar of Akhera Goiti and the Ritual to Invoke the Queen Lilith Under the Holy Writings of Tamaschtu 08:48
05. Epilogue: Opera Dei Aurora Mallus 05:34
06. Alcandro in the Magick Circle of the Practice Secret Enchantment and His Pagan Rites in the Alkmeemom’s Kingdom 09:38
07. The Malleficent Witchcraft of Circe That in the Shadows Transform Men Into Animals 04:52
08. The Twilight in the Temple of God Baphomet 08:47
09. Aurum Solis: Catharsisof a Himog Illuminates for Thanatherous Aleph 09:33
10. The Ceremony of Pentagrams Consecration 06:02
11. The Ancestral Dance of Thelema Abbey… The Nymphs Are Sleep 09:38

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