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Element Of Eclipse – Apotheosis (2012)


Element Of Eclipse – Apotheosis (2012)


Genre: Black Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: USA
Size: 86 Mb

01. Astral Fire (Pneuma) 01:10
02. Vadicidal Storm (Autumnal Reaping Ov The Apocryphal Prophets) 05:13
03. Thelemic Vehemency (Auspicious Enterprise) 05:15
04. AntiChristian Assault (Defeating The Legions Ov Error) 04:45
05. Aphotic Throne Triumphant (Horus On The Horizon Returns To Forever) 05:41
06. Elixir Vitae (IA Aprophrasz) 05:34
07. Ravenous Wonder (Wolfish And Moon Blood) 04;54
08. Uraneus Crowned (The Dark Side Ov The Sun) 04:59
09. Metamorphosis Ov The Adherent (Master Ov The Temple That Dwells In The City Ov The Pyramids) 06:12


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