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DETHLEHEM, a Melodic/RPG/Nerd Metal band


DETHLEHEM, a Melodic/RPG/Nerd Metal band

I represent the band DETHLEHEM, a Melodic/RPG/Nerd Metal band from
Pittsburgh, PA. We have a fun and interactive stage show, complete
with custom lights, props, video, and costumed characters. While
attending a Dethlehem show, you might even find yourself pulled up on
stage for battle to earn Experience Points! We’re a concept band with
a storyline that we act out on stage. That’s right, METAL LARPING! Its
a satirical celebration of all things nerd and metal. Over the years
we’ve shared the stage with many metal acts such as GWAR, Alestorm,
Gojira, Protest the Hero, and The Black Dahlia Murder, as well as
nerdcore bands like Powerglove, Urizen, and The Protomen.

We’re a completely DIY band. We record our own albums, shoot our own
music videos, create our own artwork, book our own tours, and had even
created our own comic book. As a DIY band we do as much in-house as
possible, but when significant funds are needed to accomplish certain
projects, we’ve been fortunate to have such supportive fans. In 2012
we raised over $3,000 on Kickstarter to fund our summer tour.

This year, we have been focusing on recording our third album, and are
almost finished with it. We need help funding the mastering of our
album by hiring a great producer for the job. In an effort to raise
the gold and silver necessary, we’ve decided to use Kickstarter again.
We would greatly appreciate it if ‘Dark Port’ could help spread the
word by covering our new Kickstarter
a write-up.

Doyle M. Daigle II
Aka Hildor the Assassin – Guitars