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“Demented Sanity” main band info


“Demented Sanity” main band info

Demented Sanity

Burst into the Israeli metal scene in late 2009, the band had managed
to build a loyal fan base, due to their crushing melodic hardcore
music, and highly energetic stage performance.
After all the copies of their first independently released demo got
sold out, the band went on recording their yet-to-be-released debut
album “Legacy”,
produced by the American producer Mark Lewis who worked with bands
such as: Deicide, Devil Driver, The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium, All
that remains, Whitechapel, seemless, Bury Your Dead, Sanctity, Adrift,
GodForbid .
This album sets the tone for Demented Sanity’s next target –
proceeding onto an international level.