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Crush It To Death – The Hidden Histories (2010)


Crush It To Death – The Hidden Histories (2010)

Style: Progressive Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR192kbps
Country: USA
Size: 53Mb

1.Prologue: Henry Phillips 01:46
2.The Actuary I: Thousands of Pages, Hundreds of Years 05:02
3.The Actuary II: Low Enough to Know the Earth Sleeps 04:38
4.The Witnesses I: The Abyss Stares Also 03:42
5.The Witnesses II: Once Set, Now Barred 03:13
6.The Augur I: “You will never know the cold as I have” 02:50
7.The Augur II: To Wander in Towering Fogs 06:38
8.The Cult of the Ghost Hand: …of Omens 01:41
9.The Cult of the Ghost Hand II: Nautilus Eye 05:24
10.Epilogue: Onward to the Death of Light 03:18


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