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Cranial Osteotomy – Victim of Wicked Sickness (2011)


Cranial Osteotomy – Victim of Wicked Sickness (2011)


Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Russian Federation
Size: 63 Mb

1. Introduction in Human Disembowelment
2. Decayed Wounds
3. Oppressing of Mentality
4. Harvesting the Extirpated
5. Perverted in Cruel Form Surgery
6. Sweet Brutality
7. Gerontophile Sick Sodomy
8. Devoured Essential
9. Painful Erection Clitoris
10. Drowning in Fluids of Colporrhagia
11. Victim of Wicked Sickness
12. Cadaveric Flesh Amputated
13. Systematic Excoriation


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