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Colibra “Damnatio Memoriae” (2015)


Colibra “Damnatio Memoriae” (2015)

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Genre: Progressive Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: United Kingdom
Size: 89 Mb


01. Coronation (06:50)
02. Palisade (07:18)
03. Into The Abyss (00:42)
04. Backlash (06:06)
05. Memento Mori (01:54)
06. The Omega Point (04:03)
07. Of No Return (00:56)
08. Righteous Son (04:06)
09. Damnatio Memoriae (06:46)


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Colibra – progressive metal band biography from Manchester


Colibra – progressive metal band biography from Manchester

Colibra are a five-piece progressive metal band from Manchester.


Formed officially in the latter half of 2011 when singer Stephen McGeagh joined after a long search, Colibra has set out to blend a diverse range of influences into a distinctive, eclectic sound.

Taking cues from the likes of Tool, Mastodon, Devin Townsend, and a wide range of other bands and artists, Colibra create a multi-layered sound which can swing from dark atmospherics to machine-like aggression in a heartbeat.

In 2010, four of the current members of Colibra formed a short lived, but extremely ambitious band by the name “A Conflict To Cure”. In the space of nine short months, A Conflict To Cure wrote and recorded a full length 11 track album before taking it to live stages around Manchester. The initial response to the band’s live set was extremely positive, and within a few weeks of them making their live debut they were being booked for their first headlining shows around the local scene.

It wasn’t to last however, and the band’s singer decided to relocate down to London to try and join a more established act, leaving the rest of A Conflict To Cure with a full album, live set, and no singer, just a few months into trying to establish a strong live presence.

Finding a replacement ended up being a 15 month long struggle, during which time it was decided that the material written for A Conflict To Cure was too intrinsically linked with their previous sound, and would make the job of finding a new singer even harder. Reluctantly, the decision was made to start again from scratch: New sound, new direction, new band.

Over the course of those 15 months, the four members of the newly-christened Colibra wrote and recorded upwards of forty demos and ideas. Whilst losing their singer had set the band back, they suddenly found themselves with a new freedom to write songs with a lot more scope than before, focussing on interesting musical arrangements and moods.

In the later months of 2011, after many, many auditions, finally the lineup was completed when Stephen joined, bringing with him a fresh approach to writing and a much more aggressive sound which perfectly suited the new direction Colibra was taking.

Once the lineup was in place it became full steam ahead, and in the last few months the band have completed writing their debut four track EP, and are currently in the midst of recording it at Futureworks studios, with an eye to releasing it later in the year.

As well as releasing the EP, 2012 will see the band make their live debut back on the Manchester metal scene, as well as their first promotional music video.

Stephen McGeagh – Vocals
Tom Bohan – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy McKee – Rhythm Guitar
Sean McCormick – Bass
Marc Ridings – Drums

Video Preview

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