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Biotomy – Vivisection (2016)


Biotomy – Vivisection (2016)

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Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Russian Federation
Size: 50 Mb

01. Deafened By Bludgeon (Feat. Depressor From Chain Hemophilia) 02:35
02. Nerve Transection Effect (Feat. Aleksey Hmel From Echoes Of Misanthropy) 02:54
03. Xenotransplantation (Feat. Aleksey Hmel From Echoes Of Misanthropy) 03:20
04. Cervical Dislocation (Feat. Grigoriy Gore From Spice Mutated Corpse) 02:28
05. Huntingdon Life Sciences (Feat. Vlad Sabyanin) 01:53
06. Determining The Toxicity Medications On Biomass (Feat. Evgeniy From Sigmoidectomy) 02:13
07. Genetic Engineering (Feat. Khan Akhanov From Inescapable Dehumanization) 02:17
08. Gas Embolism (Feat. Tamerlan Richter From Inescapable Dehumanization) 02:16
09. Euthanasia (Feat. Niko Apostolakis From Until We Die) 02:38


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