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Amaguq – Occult Rituals Of Anthropophagous Worship (2017)


Amaguq – Occult Rituals Of Anthropophagous Worship (2017)

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Genre: Black Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: France
Size: 91 Mb

01.Intro, Of Nefarious Ritual and Demonic Discord 01:23
02.Paroxysmal War Cry of Vengeance 02:54
03.Dance of Darkness (the Awakening of Gods) 02:27
04.Open the Gates to the Netherworld 02:40
05.Impious Attack of the Clannish Wolfpack 02:49
06.Bestial Death on the Plains 05:11
07.Uktena 03:07
08.Fire from the Sky Will Burn the Angels Down 04:27
09.Blindfolded Dweller of the Frozen Abyss 03:12
10.Limaaq Unnuaq 05:14
11.Final Scornful Breath 04:25
12.Outro, Of Corrosive Tears and Amaguq Worship 01:37


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