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Akhenaten “Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla” (2015)


Akhenaten “Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla” (2015)

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Genre: Mesopotamian Folk / Death / Black Metal
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: USA
Size: 127 Mb

1. Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla
2. The Watchers
3. Enlil: Lugal Kurk Ur Ra
4. Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu
5. The Passage Through Flames
6. Brahma Astra
7. Anunnaki
8. Apkallu: Seven Of The Abzu
9. Mis Pi
10. Golden Palace Of The Lamassu
11. Abu Simbel


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