Timeless Necrotears “PROMETHEUS inaordoom” (2015)

The album Timeless Necrotears “PROMETHEUS inaordoom” (2015) of Doom Metal musical genre was posted on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 9:01 am and is available for download in high mp3 quality. Please write your opinion after downloading it for review.

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Genre: Avant-Garde Doom Metal
Format: mp3 | VBR V0
Country: Spain
Size: 58 Mb

1. Awakening in Forever 02:48
2. The Alien Gods are Here 00:55 instrumental
3. Trapped in Foreign Space-Station (666 BC) 02:22
4. Girl on Fire (Mary's Secret Infidelity) 01:45 instrumental
5. Prometheus Admires the Last Judgment Fresco (Lies of Christianity) 00:50 instrumental
6. War in Heaven - Titans, Demons & False Gods 03:00
7. Let there be Light 02:05 instrumental
8. Remembering the Myth of Eve 02:00 instrumental
9. Waking Up in Planet Lucifer 01:30 instrumental
10. The Arrival of the Immortal Army 02:05
11. Puppenzimmer Prometheus - AD 1904 00:45 instrumental
12. Path Of Mutilated - Where Gods go to Die and be Reborn 01:56
13. Lust for Sexy Believer 01:19 instrumental
14. Designing The Myth of Christ (33 BC) 01:40 instrumental
15. Pensive Prometheus 00:46 instrumental
16. In the Garden of Eternity 03:17
17. Synthesizer Revelations (Fire Eternal Nexus Lucifer Tifus Lmao) 01:50 instrumental


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