Viranesir “Kaos Garden: Burn The Homeless” (2015)

The album Viranesir “Kaos Garden: Burn The Homeless” (2015) of Black Metal musical genre was posted on Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 10:22 and is available for download in high mp3 quality. Please write your opinion after downloading it for review.

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Genre: Black Metal / Ambient
Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps
Country: Turkey
Size: 103 Mb

1. Kaos I: Burning Swastika Cleansing 03:32
2. Kaos II: Set Poor People on Fire 02:45
3. Kaos III: Armenian Genocide Is Amazing 02:43
4. Kaos IV: Rats Flock into the Temple 02:56
5. Kaos V: Serve Women 02:51
6. Kaos VI: Moronic Murks 05:11
7. Kaos VII: The Weak Bore 02:27
8. Kaos VIII: Child Molesting Rapist Murderer 03:00
9. Kaos IX: I Despise Niggers 02:32
10. Kaos X 03:23 instrumental
11. Kaos XI: I Raped Her Again and Again 03:16
12. Kaos XII: Arab Filth 03:20
13. Kaos XIII: Torture Faggots 03:45
14. Kaos XIV: You Wish You Were Me 02:54


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