KISTVAEN LYRICS album: “Unbekannte” (2010)


1. Reason
2. Unbekannte
3. Canitude
4. Dolor
5. Departure
6. Void

1. Reason

2. Unbekannte

3. Canitude

[feat. Niklas Kvaforth from Shining (Sweden)]

Life will swallow
Every confronting form
And time will borrow
Curse you to repeat yourself
The path I follow
Is nothing but sadness and despair
But at least i’m able to feel clearly the pain in my head

When four walls I try to break
My will is shattered and all the forms around me disappear
There’s nothing there, no one who tries
Stay and penetrate me, inject me with pain
My eyes can see now, desecrate me

When our moon is rising high
A pale second when life and death stand still in time
Where do we belong in this
A constant plague that keeps pulling life with it’s teeth
Scratch these walls and now erase
What keeps me open and tries to scare the dream away
Now unplug this pale embrace
I rather feel life than this illusion of death

When your thoughts will turn away
And the day will keep it’s shade
A shade that i can still rename
Not suicide no giving pain

When the night that holds me dear
Offers comfort (where) there’s no fear
Then i’ll whisper to the moon
I’m done with hate i penetrate

If the hours would stand still
If those things would disappear
When you give yourself away
Chaos we will fall within

When you’re fate becomes so dear
And there’s the solitude I fear
No longer down I shall remain
I choke to death, I suffocate
Without those memories of words
I stand to shut this open form
And grow more weary of this weight
Those dying words, this cold embrace

Life will swallow every worm
With bottled curse or so you show
But i am able to despair
Bring this machine into the grave

And when you crack that open door
I slowly, clearly see the smoke
In to this air I feel despair
When none is wake, i give away

And when your thoughts will turn away
And there’s day, remains the same
Not suicide, not giving pain
There’s only death I give away

Nature dies, as concrete reigns
This dying world, it’s all to late

4. Dolor

5. Departure

6. Void

Lev — Bass
Alex — Drums
Fenrir — Guitars
Vlad — Guitars
Fane — Vocals